Short Film, Social Issue / Fantasy

A bittersweet modern fairytale through the eyes of a young child, recounting the fleeting moments with her father, where not all is as it seems.

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As Founders of Crimson Edge, growing up as children of immigrants, we've witnessed our parents' struggles and sacrifices too well. We've seen their difficulties in adapting to American culture and working twice as hard to prove their worth compared to families with the natural born advantage. 

Witnessing the current times with the disarray of our country; children being separated from their parents, locked in cages, being put into trial at a young age, DREAMERS having their protection threatened — we wanted to bring light to this issue in a way that could resonate with the next generation to carry on the torch and continue the fight.

Our stylistic influences for this film are derived from the love of Disney, mixed with themes from Guillermo del Toro's work, using a childlike framework to unearth a darker truth beneath the surface. 


We wanted to set this story in a seemingly innocent fairytale through the eyes of a child, an unbiased perspective. To show the dream of happiness from a pure heart, as any child would yearn for. By the end of the film, however, we accept a bleak reality that not all fairytales have happy endings. Many families reach the end of a line, the divide of a fence, and the last touch of a loved one. Those who are lucky can only start anew to tell their story.

 "Our story." 


Created & Produced by: Sandra Ordiano

Director/DP: Kenzo K. Le

Written & Narrated by: Gabriela Ortega