Haus Laboratories | Branded Short Film

Shaina, a trans teen in exploration of her gender (male to female), is bullied at her high school and struggles with opening up to her mother. Through the power of kindness from a friend, Shaina rises to see her true beauty fully realized. We are taken through a glorious Ryan Murphy-esque fantasy of celebration, dance, and love from her newfound friends. By the end, her mother finds courage to approach her, as the two opens up to their new life of acceptance.

Written by Kenzo Le & Marc Jordan Cohen

Directed by Derek Nguyen & Marc Jordan Cohen

Director of Photography: Kenzo Le


We at Crimson Edge champion authentic, heartfelt stories. As artists, we strive to empower all different voices. Hate, discrimination, and fear have always had the ability to pervade each and every moment of our lives and those of the next generation. Whether it’s hate on social media, a bully at school, or a struggle of self acceptance, it’s so easy to drown in negativity. That’s why we, with Haus Labs as our platform, made “The Root of Kindness,” a trans story of how embracing your identity, opening up to others, and spreading acts of kindness can open doors to the world around you. After watching, we hope it’s clear that this story not only belongs to Shaina, but also to anyone who resonates with this message. Kindness begins with loving yourself. Only then can you let your light shine, and illuminate the people around you.