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A film series spotlighting unique voices, artists, and individuals through an organic lens.

Words, movement, sounds, and artistry displayed on a full spectrum.

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a portrait of: Asia Miller
premieres 02/17/2021

A character piece spoken through dance & movement, showcasing Asia's growth & empowerment as an artist among today's shifting climate. 

Follow Asia Miller: https://www.instagram.com/_asiamiller_/

PREMIERES 02/17/2021

Written & Performed by Asia Miller

DP: Kenzo Le

Writer/Artist: Asia Miller

a portrait of: Dermot Kennedy

A day in the life of Dermot Kennedy on his music and life amidst his worldwide tour.

Follow Dermot Kennedy: https://www.instagram.com/dermotkennedy/

Producer: Pavilion Works

DP: Kenzo Le

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